The student council is planning an activi night to raise money.The student council will charge 5$ per student to attend activity night. Part a write an expression that can be used to calculate the for number of students.Part b the cost to rent is $200 the council has a goal to raise $350 after paying rental. How many student will need to attend activity night for stundents council to pay rental and reach there goal

Accepted Solution

Answer:110 studentsStep-by-step explanation:Let the total money raised = R ($)Let the number of student = xProposed ticket cost to activity night = $5 (a) R = 5x      x = R/5----------------------------------------------- (1)(b)  Total money to be raised to pay for rent  of $200 and have a left over of  $ 350 is = $(200 + 350)             R    = $ 550Substituting the value of R in equation (1), the number of student (x) can be found:x = R/5   = 550/5  = 110 studentsThe student council must sell 110 tickets to students in order to achieve their goal.