How To Remove A Watch Link With Tool. Use your tool to carefully push back the spring bar from the watch strap clasp, then push the pins so they slide out from the link you are going to remove. The jubilee link remover tool works by grabbing the outside links with a curved tooth piece and pulling the link apart to separate the individual link parts.

How To Remove Watch Links From The Strap On Your New
How To Remove Watch Links From The Strap On Your New from

You can use safety pins as well if you do not have watch link removal. This tutorial contains 5 steps and will take less than 15 minutes to complete if done correctly. The arrow's direction indicates which way to push the pin to slide it out of the link.

Simply Put, The Package Contains Only The Watch Link Remover And 12 Spare Punch Pins.

This tool was designed to make adjusting watch bands easy instead of being a hassle. Simply place your watch band in the opening, line the pin pusher up with the link pin and twist. watch bracelet link removal tool how to adjust watch bracelet links:

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Includes Pliers And Two Different Chain Link Removal Pins (0.8Mm Diameter And 1Mm Diameter).

Once each pin is sticking out of the watch by 2 or 3 mm, grasp it with your fingers or a pair of pliers and pull it the rest of the way out. 4.5 out of 5 stars. It is an essential tool for any watchmakers bench because it makes removing pins from metal link watch bands such an easy task.

Unlock Apple Watch 1St, 2Nd And 3Rd Series.

Place the watch on the table with the push pins facing up. Another efficient tool that you should check out is the coyaho watch link remover kit. You'll notice that the ends on the punch will easily fit into the small holes of the watch.

Wrist Watch Bracelet Strap Link Pin Remover Adjuster Metal Repair Split Tool Kit.

The link you choose to remove to remove pins from the band you’ll need the aluminum block tool, flat head screw driver and tweezers screw pin links removing links source: This is the peg that holds the unit in place. Watch link removal tool kit, cridoz watch band tool chain link pin remover with 12pcs replacement pins and 3pcs pin punches for watch bracelet sizing, watch strap adjustment and watch repair.

The Arrow's Direction Indicates Which Way To Push The Pin To Slide It Out Of The Link.

Step 1 flip the watch band over and check the underside. The pin pops out in a second. Insert the pin pusher into the hole and push the pin firmly.