Miro Desktop App Not Loading. Basically the ‘side tray’ specifically triggered by the notifications icon won’t load content within it (see image) obviously this is annoying as i am limited to. Occasionally miro functions may have trouble performing when miro is not allowed access.

[RESOLVED] Miro either not loading or VERY slow and not
[RESOLVED] Miro either not loading or VERY slow and not from community.miro.com

With miro’s app for windows devices, you can bring the power of miro’s infinite whiteboard canvas into any remote, in. Firefox version 70 or higher; I have a project due saturday and i don’t know what to do.

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I do not want to have the miro desktop app installed. Video chat does not require any additional software or settings management except access to your microphone and. 10 months ago 6 april 2021.

Would Be Great Not To Have Some Funky Workaround But Really Fix The Root Cause.

I assume, can it be related to my internet provider that i use? I cannot create new ones nor duplicate. I’ve looked at all the discussion boards on this and nothing is working.

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Add Ideas, Digitize Sticky Notes, And Leave Comments On The Go With Miro Mobile App.

I can successfully log in on desktop, but on tablet i am stuck on the miro logo. I cannot get on to any of my miro boards i keep getting stuck at the loading page for hours. Best answer by robert johnson.

Switching Browsers (Safari And Google Chrome) Clearing Cache And Cookies.

Checking with task manager, three processes do open, only to then close one after the other. We are working hard to update the help center to reflect these changes so please bear with us. This has been an issue for at least the last 2 days.

Go To App Settings > Storage > Clear Storage Or R Einstall The Miro App On Your Device.

I am able to access the same boards on my my tablet app, but not the desktop. Sign in using your office 365, slack, google or facebook account. Add ideas, digitize sticky notes, and leave comments on the go with miro mobile app.